Giving is a biblical mandate.donate button

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means giving of one’s self faithfully and regularly. People at Emmanuel have been paying their tithes and offerings with cash or checks for many years. Emmanuel has recently begun providing a third option, Electronic Giving.

This is not about credit-card giving which could lead members into debt. The company chosen by Emmanuel UMC offers “debit only” giving that eliminates this worry and presents a chance to overcome giving obstacles.

Electronic Giving provides many benefits to both the congregants and the Church. With the use of electronic giving the congregant can establish an online account and have their gifts made directly to the church’s bank, reducing their need to go to the bank to get cash before church or having to write a check each week. For those that choose to set up recurring giving whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly can rest assured that their gift is being made available to further Gods work when they miss church due to illness, work or vacation. It also makes it easier for those friends of Emmanuel to continue to give when they return to their northern homes rather than mailing their gifts each month as several of our members do.

Our online giving is set up so people can do a one-time only gift to either the General Budget and\or to a special item such as the Children’s Home, World Communion, etc., or they can do recurring offerings. You can transfer funds on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

So here is how you can get started……….

  1. On this page, when you are ready, click here to DONATE or you can click the donate button!
  2. If it is your first time logging on, then establish your email address and password. This is a secure site. No one can change what you have set up by you.
  3. Click if you want to donate to the General Operating (the church’s budget) if you want to make a regular offering.
    1. Choose the frequency – one time only or recurring.
    2. Add the date that you want the donation to happen.
  4. Click the other choice if you want to donate to a special item.
    1. You must designate what the special donation is for: i.e., memorial for John Doe; 3/4/11 Spaghetti Dinner; Genesis Food Pantry; Childrens’ Home; etc.
  5. Then click the continue button and the transaction will be confirmed back to you immediately via the email address you set up with the account.

If you would like additional information or help in setting up your online account please contact the church office and someone will assist you.

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