What is membership?

Membership is the result of an individual’s public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  This is normally done during one of our regular worship services.  But you don’t have to be a member to participate in church activities and events.

How do I join the church?

At Emmanuel United Methodist Church, everyone interested in joining the church should meet first with the pastor so we might get to know you better. Individuals are received into the church either by profession of faith or transfer of membership.  Profession of faith describes those who are coming into the church without any previous history in any church.  Transfer of membership recognizes that an individual that was active in another Christian denomination or church has chosen to change that affiliation to this church.

I am on the church mailing list.  Does that mean I am a member? 

Not necessarily.  It means that at some point, you participated in a church activity and we collected your mailing information.  If you have not made a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ before the congregation, you are considered a constituent rather than a member.  You may check your membership status by calling the church office. We do invite all to make that public affirmation of membership.

How is baptism related to church membership?  

In United Methodism, baptism is a Sacrament that reminds us of God’s grace that is at work in the life of every human being.  Anyone who wishes to become a member of a United Methodist Church must be baptized.  We believe that baptism, as a sacrament of initiation into the life of the church, is a one-time event that does not need to be repeated if performed in a Christian denomination.

Can I have my wedding in the church if we are not members?

Non-members may celebrate their wedding in the church.  However, weddings celebrated in the church are understood as a covenant celebration uniting the man and woman in the presence, and with the blessing of, God.  The approval and leadership with this decision rests with the pastor, and upon payment for use.

Can I hold a memorial in the church if we are not members? 

Yes, with consultation with the currently appointed pastor, and upon payment for use.